November 18, 2005

Why God Why?

Dear God,
It may childish and maybe a little selfish, but when I found out that Arrested Development may be getting canceled I honestly cried. It's just a TV show right, Well to me it's proof that there is something smart and engaging on television. You know there are lots of shows I have enjoyed in life but none of them have been as inteligent as this, some of them werent inteligent at all. As a kid in the 80's there was Family Ties, Growing Pains, Mr Belvedere...all the same show. The 80's did give us Married with children, great show. Honestly the first five seasons were hilarious. The 90's, Ok I wasn't a Seinfeld fan but I also know that it was a fresh inteligent show that I for some reason had trouble getting into. We also had The Simpsons, thanks God ,I'm so happy it's still on. One of the best shows of all time. Oh but who can forget that 90's gem Home Improvement, how did that become a hit, someone sell a sole? We also had Freinds, stop the booing. I enjoyed freinds, I thought it was funny, but the problemsthe characters faced werent very compelling. Will Ross leave Rachel, Does Rachel Love Joey, does Monica have a thing for Ross( we all wanted to see that), Does Joey have Herpes. Again I liked Freinds its just amazing how many viewers that show had and how so little Arrested Development has. Well God. Please help my show. Theres just too many characters I will miss if its gone. Ok I will try and give up porn if you help save my show. Thank you for listening. Later ~The Justin

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