February 19, 2006

Best Quotes from the Last Four

Mike had mention on his post to list some of the best quotes from the last four episodes. I had to watch them again but here are a few good ones not in any order.

1. "Well I just poored mom into bed

2."He's in an american Iraqi prison, God knows what their doing to him"

3. "Coudln't you have taken the stuff off my desk first or unplugged my computer"

4. " I bought you a wedding ring...tone"

Ok thats all I got.

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A Good Review

Here is a great review on Arrested Development, written by a die-hard fan, for the die-hard fans.

It also has clips from Jason Bateman and Will Arnett saying how they feel about the end of the show...

Check it out:


Good Reading.

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February 16, 2006

dot com

I had to check


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February 12, 2006


David Cross hasnt done a chicken yet. That means the show can't end. We'll be waiting in limbo until someone buys us new episodes or better yet...Arrested Development the Motion Picture directed by Ron Howard, or better yet Spike Jonze, no David Fincher, wait Mark Romanek, James L Brooks? Too many to choose from. It's too bad on the show they couldnt show Maeby somehow casting the roles for the family. That would have been cool to see the actors they pick. Oh well. Im outy. Later.

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February 11, 2006

Has anyone in this Family even seen a CHICKEN?

Besides the storylines that were mentioned a couple of posts ago that could continue on the Bluth family antics...

We musn't forget that there are still several members of the family that have yet to do their CHICKEN rendition. And, well, I for one want to see them.

What could be better than Buster, George Micheal and Barry (Maeby, Micheal, Oscar, etc.) breaking into their own special chicken dance.

Now THAT's a good chicken.

But, as far as favorite lines from the finale...

"He won't talk without a hand in him."

George Bush Doesn't Care About Black Puppets (on franklins shirt)

and, lets see...

"She turns illusions for money."

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favorite line?

So, quick question: what was your favorite line from the last two hours of AD?

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what's left?

Justin (or a.k.a., Jeans Pants), Amanda and I were talking about the show tying up a lot of loose ends in this "season" (not series) finale. Yes, this could be the end for the show - and it might have been bad to leave so many cliff hangers. But as much as they resolved issues like George Michael and Maeby, George Bluth, the Iraq stuff, etc...

I think they've positioned themselves very carefully for the story to follow Michael and George Michael in... I forgot the island where the "get away house" is, there is the whole George Michael and Maeby being legally married, Lucille being the one now in prison or under house arrest.

Hopefully, people tuned in tonight to watch. And hopefully this isn't the end for the show, because... I've got a fever... and the only cure, is more Arrested Development. Ohh, I try to laugh, but I'm just so sad.

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Well I think it's over.

I am going to miss it. I know theres still a chance but with the way it ended tonight I don't know. This show hopefully will stand the test of time and be remembered for the great comedy/original/outstanding show that it is...or was.
When the last episode aired Im not afraid to admit I came close to crying. That feeling has never come over me for a TV show. I guess a true fan of the show should wish good luck to all the writers/actors and crew who helped make the show what it is.
I know I havent kept this blog updated very well but I would like to thank all of you that helped us out in this fight to S.A.D. It's been good to know other people out there that love good quality shows unlike redundent unoriginal shows like "The OC" or "Bones". Again I am aware that this show may still have a chance but I am also aware that actors, writers etc can't wait weeks or months to find out if they still have jobs. Their going to have to find something to do.
Well again. Thank you everyone. This sight is in no way shutting down or anything like that. We will still continue the fight to S.A.D. I will just leave you all with thank you, Good night and good luck...to them and us. ~Justin

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February 09, 2006

Season Finale or Series Finale

Season Finale or Series Finale?

So all the ads for the 2 hour block of episodes this
friday say season finale... is that true, do my
hopes get to stay alive or shall the whore to crap that we
call fox crush my hopes for yet another season of greatness?

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