November 21, 2005

Arrested Development 2003-2005?

[From Entertainment Weekly] Reporters weren't shouting questions at press conferences. Flags weren't lowered to half-mast or burned in protest. There were just a few lines in the papers noting that Fox had decided not to order more episodes of Arrested Development, a show averaging only 4.3 million viewers this season.

But to the few who watched, nay, worshipped that kinky single-camera series about the Bluths, a pathologically deluded Orange County family, it felt like this event merited 24/7, where-do-we-go-from-here? treatment. The network's confirmation last week that it wouldn't pick up the second half of Arrested's third season signals the apparent burial of a national comedy treasure. Rarely can such a term be applied to a show barely in the top 100, but this was a comedic comet of Halley-like proportions, a once-in-a-Blue-Man-Group...

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