January 07, 2006

Tell Your Friends About this Show!

In this life, it's rare that things bring you so much joy.
Especially things like TV shows.

Well, Arrested Development brings me joy. Without it, I can guarantee you I will be sad. I will only have the past episodes to rely on. I will not have the future. I will no longer be able to anxiously await the surprise that comes with each and every new episode.

What will happen?
How gay is Tobias going to get? Is he going to continue on trying to be an actor? Will he get a part? Will he ever make it? Will he ever have sex with his wife again? will he die?

Are George Michael and Maeby gonna hook up again?

Hmm.. Will Buster grow up a little more? So many things-- army, Lucille, Lucille 2, loose seal, and even TEACHING LESSONS!? What next for Buster?? Hot for sister? Huh?

Lindsay! Cooking! How many other firsts am I going to miss now? No more hot ham water? Temocil. Saving the wetlands. Trying to get a date. Laying on the couch. Not working. CHO CHEE-CHO CHEE

What will become of the Bluth company?

Will George Sr. be freed? Is he innocent? ha..

Will Lucille stop calling Lindsay fat? will she lay off the vodka? Will she ease up on Buster? Will she... save her moisture?

Is Kitty really gone straight? (well, I guess she has to be, I saw she has a new TV show coming out)

Will Michael ever get the credit he deserves? Our beloved Michael. "the only likeable one" as the publicist said in season 1. Will he find a good woman? Is he ever really going to leave for good?

What will become of Lupe, Franklin, Barry, Bob Loblaw..... Ann...?


And my beloved GOB, the greatest character to ever grace our TV screens.

Will he ever be back in the alliance? Will he ever be taken REALLY SERIOUSLY, So that he can practice his magic, his illusions.

Will he get another girlfriend? Another wife? fall in love? accidentaly work another day in his life?

"I don't think so"

I want to know these things. I want to know what's going to happen to my favorite am-i-sure-they-are-dysfunctional family.

What other TV shows will they make fun of?? I gotta know.

When I go back and watch Season 1, I look at George Michael and Maeby. It seems they've grown so much in these 2 years.

THEY'RE GROWING KIDS. It'd be downright wrong to not let me see the kids grow!

Does that work?

Oh my gosh, Maeby has boobs!

Save Arrested Development. It really is the best show on TV.

Don't make me get J.Walter Weatherman to teach you a lesson!

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