January 05, 2006

Welcome Everyone

I just wanted to say welcome to all the new S-A-D members. This blog was started by Mike and myself (mostly Mike) as a way to try and spread the word that Arrested Development is a great show and try and help gain viewership. Last year for Christmas I gave my family season 1 and they didnt really get it. They didnt like it very much. I just took a vacation home and made them watch all of disc one and 1 episode of disc two and I am proud to say they seem to love it now. They laughed alot which is great.
Along with my family I've been able to convince my freinds Chris, Ryan, and alot of people at work to give the show a shot. Luckily they've all loved it and keep watching it.
It may seem cheesy to dedicate so much time to a TV show (and for what it's worth I do have a life) but with there being so much garbage on TV like "The War at Home" ,"Freddie", and everything, I feel this is worth my time and energy to put up a good fight. In my opnion TV really sucks and I've just been so happy since Arrested Developments been on I felt at times I've been watching really good Independent films and in a way they are.
Please keep spreading the word about Arrested Development and keep posting any new updates you may have learned. Even if you think we all know about it post it anyways. I for one am looking for the final Episode's(hopefully just for this season) airdate. Please let me know ASAP so I can throw a good bye party with my peeps. Again welcome everyone and thank you for joining.

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