December 06, 2005

spread the word

Turns out a girl has created a myspace page for saving Arrested Development - so far she has 120-something friends... perhaps we can join efforts to spread the word to Fox that they've "made a huge mistake". Here's a cut & paste from her about:
Something has to be done about the programming decision made at the Fox Network to cancel the smartest, funniest, two-time Emmy winningest show on tv. Let us all show Fox our outpouring of love and support for this show, instead of letting them use the outdated Nielsen system to determine its fate. Shows like Stacked, the way past its prime That 70's Show, and The War at Home mind-bogglingly remain on the air only because of the biased Nielsen Media Research, not because of their witty writing and stellar performances. I am a young adult, and know many 20-somethings with disposable income. Not a single one, nor any of their friends has a Nielsen box. Aren't we the ones programmers and advertisers seek?!?! So I ask you now, please show your love for this show in the hopes that Fox or another network will put it back on the air. To hell with the Nielsen numbers, we are the key advertising demographic and we won't let the networks forget. Please add any comments, suggestions, petitions featured in other pages, or favorite memories to show the vast numbers that this show has reached. Save Arrested Development!!!

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