January 18, 2006

we'll put on a show

Well, there's good news and bad news. The good news being we'll get a 2 hour brand new AD block on Feb10th. The bad news is it's up against the opening cerimony for the olympics. That's not really showing much faith, but at least we get to see it.

Also I heard that if ABC picks up AD they want 13 eps. If Showtime does, they want 2 seasons. I saw how ABC handled Sports Night. I'm thinking it's Showtime.


Put the "Arrested Development" deathwatch on hold--again.

Fox announced Friday that the much-loved (but low-rated) comedy will have a two-hour season--not series--finale on Feb. 10, the night that NBC will air the opening ceremonies of the 2006 Winter Olympics.

Fox cut "Arrested Development" down to 13 episodes in its third season, but the network has not officially canceled the show. If it does, other networks are reportedly interested in bringing back the Emmy-winning comedy.

In the Feb. 10 finale, Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) finds out he may have a long-lost sister, Nellie, who'll be played by Bateman's real-life sister, Justine Bateman.

Meanwhile, Michael's brother, Gob Bluth, played by Will Arnett, joins a USO tour and takes his magic act to Iraq, only to end up in prison there.

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