March 04, 2006

Where "The Office" went right and "Arrested Development" may have went wrong

I was watching "The Office" the other day and realized something. They've created situations where if you've been paying attetion to the past episodes will give the joke or scenario a better pay off. "The Office" started doing this about 8 episodes in to season 2. "Arrested Development" on the other hand started doing these type of things since day 1. Does that make it bad? Not at all. It still makes it original and smarter than any show that has aired on television. The route "The Office" took was that they let peoples feet get wet before getting deep with the characters and show plot. The Offices rating were really low when it first started and slowly they've climbed there way to a safe ground. This is partly because of word of mouth and winning awards.
But after winning the Emmy's and word of mouth from the critics to the home viewer made its way around, "Arrested Development" was far too deep into character developments and twists for people to catch up. I realized this past week that with Arrested Development gone The Office is the only television excitement I look forward to every week. I do hope that Arrested Development gets renewed, but if it doesn't, TV rots your brain anyways. As my friend Danny would say, "Arrested Development, TV just wasn't ready for you".

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1 comments for Where "The Office" went right and "Arrested Development" may have went wrong

At 11:39 AM, Blogger flukie42 said...

The interesting thing is, I didn't start getting into "The Office" until partly through the 2nd season. That's when things kind of seemed interesting to me. AD held my interest from day 1.


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