February 11, 2006

what's left?

Justin (or a.k.a., Jeans Pants), Amanda and I were talking about the show tying up a lot of loose ends in this "season" (not series) finale. Yes, this could be the end for the show - and it might have been bad to leave so many cliff hangers. But as much as they resolved issues like George Michael and Maeby, George Bluth, the Iraq stuff, etc...

I think they've positioned themselves very carefully for the story to follow Michael and George Michael in... I forgot the island where the "get away house" is, there is the whole George Michael and Maeby being legally married, Lucille being the one now in prison or under house arrest.

Hopefully, people tuned in tonight to watch. And hopefully this isn't the end for the show, because... I've got a fever... and the only cure, is more Arrested Development. Ohh, I try to laugh, but I'm just so sad.

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