February 11, 2006

Has anyone in this Family even seen a CHICKEN?

Besides the storylines that were mentioned a couple of posts ago that could continue on the Bluth family antics...

We musn't forget that there are still several members of the family that have yet to do their CHICKEN rendition. And, well, I for one want to see them.

What could be better than Buster, George Micheal and Barry (Maeby, Micheal, Oscar, etc.) breaking into their own special chicken dance.

Now THAT's a good chicken.

But, as far as favorite lines from the finale...

"He won't talk without a hand in him."

George Bush Doesn't Care About Black Puppets (on franklins shirt)

and, lets see...

"She turns illusions for money."

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1 comments for Has anyone in this Family even seen a CHICKEN?

At 4:17 PM, Blogger Mike said...

George Michael's chicken would be the greatest thing in the world...


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